Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


The holistic approach of Ayurvedic science aims to integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit. The case study on Atyagram as discussed herein is centered on the concept of Ayurveda. Though, Ayurveda offers many valuable benefits, this ancient art is not practiced significantly in India. In order to serve the humanity through Ayurveda and other interdependent methods such as cow based products and ancient Vedic science; a dedicated team of promoters got together and started Aryagram setup in 2011 . The case illustrates an experimental business model ofAryagram which presently comprises of five main branches i.e. Shikshan Prathisthan, Garbhvigyan Prathisthan, Ayurveda Prathisthan, Yagya- Vigyan Prathisthan and Govigyan Prathisthan. Since last seven years, the promoters are managing the setup successfully with limited infrastructure and manpower Theirfuture plan includes replicating the same model on much larger a scale. The practices discussed in the case, can be benchmarked by the emerging entrepreneurs to develop an idealistic ayurveda based business model in future.