Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


Emotions are playing in to marketing more today than they ever have before. Among dozens of theories about the best way to emotionaIb/ appeal to customers a new concept called sensory marketing has become popularfor variety ofindustries and businesses across the world. It targets at the five basic senses sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell to sensitize customers thus aims to win the trust and attention of customers. As this concept provides a complete experience, it stands out as an interactive way between brand and customers. By adopting this strategy to win the minds ofcustomers, afood outlet, specifically a dessert cen tric outlet in Kolkata has already started tofocus on multisensory marketing strategy This Case Study isfurnishing the example of "sensory marketing try" in thisfood loving city. Readers can get to know about the efiorts that this company is using to make a distinct and competitive advantageous place in this marketplace by adopting this above mentioned marketing tool called ”SensoryMarketing’