Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


The role ofleadership communication in times ofcrisis is widely regarded as a crucial leader competency especially when viewed with contemporary business situation, constantly being shaped by the twinforces ofglobal and localpriorities. These challenges have become more critical in case ofthe Indian retail sector which is in a state ofenormous churn due to macro-economic, and socialfactors redefining the business. The need to communicate with clarity, power andpurpose takes on a different meaning altogether during the time of crisis situations. Therefore, for leaders in this field, a high ‘communication quotient‘ helps establish a workplace environment with not only free and fast communication flows but which also results in minimum distortion while carrying across various stakeholdergroups. The leader is responsibleforsetting the tune and the tenor afcommunicationfor the whole organisation. Govind Shrikhande, currently Managing Director of India's largest retail market chain, 'Shoppers Stop’ is credited with consciously nurturing a ’communication culture'within the organisation. While this helps Shoppers’ Stop to be the reigning retailer in India, it also poses continuous challenges to him and his team. The present case depicts Govind’s distinctive communication strategy that has helped the company to overcome the challenges posed during the ’GreatGlobal Meltdown ’.