Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


The case aims to give an insight into corporate crisis management with specific reference to the various strategies adopted by multinationals like Pepsi and Coca cola following India-wide wide pesticide contamination controversy and draw managerial lessons outofit. The case helps to learn the dzflerence and relationship between crisis and issues and the needfor an issues managementstrategy to preempt crisis situations. It demonstrates how integrity, trust and accountability to the customer cannot be overlooked or put aside in any circumstance. By clearly bringing out the constant danger of activistgroups having a substantial influence on public opinion, it enables readers to acknowledge that it is critical to anticipate pressurefrom them in all circumstances. The case reinforces the view that it is essential for today's managers to understand the sensitivity of maintaining good relations with a powerfulstakeholder (in this case, thegovernmen t) while trying to handle a crisispertaining to another importantstakeholder (the customers}