Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


Fevicol a flagship brand of Pidilite Industries has gained 75% of market share in Indian adhesive market. It had penetrated deep into the minds of the customer and has become a generic name for adhesives in India. The case reflects the success journey of Fevicol and how it positioned itself into the minds oflndian consumer. Further the case also poses certain questions like with the existing challenges and the competition in the market how would Fevicol safeguard its positioning strategy? Whether the uniqueness ofits advertising strategy creates some magic in the near future? The case can be administered to management students who are studying marketing as a subject both at postgraduate and undergraduate level. The students are expected to learn the concepts of positioning through this case. The case can also be used to understand various types ofpromotional strategies. "We keep our eyes and ears open to what customers want, while our strong R&D gets us exactly the rightproducts" -Vishal Malhan, ChiefofMarketing, Fevicol, 2013.