Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


The state government of Maharashtra has hiked the Floor Space Index (FSI) to 1.33 in the Mumbai suburbs, earlier which was 1, Builders were given a base FSI of1 in the suburbs, having ceiling 0f2, remaining needed to bepurchased in theform afTransferred DevelopmentRights (TDR). The total construction costs for builders would reduce due to this hike. The government and the Municipal Corporation ofGreaterMumbai (MCGM) willgain by charging premium an extra FSI of0.33. TDR rates are set to reduce due to thisgovern mentdecision. The TDR rates are controlled byfewprivate real estate companies who haveformed cartel. Like Global cities; Indian policy makers are thinking of applying similar model. In the present study, the sustainability of this higher FSI modelfor Mumbai Suburban and its eflects on prices of properties, infrastructure, urban sprawl and slum areas are discussed.