Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


The present study examined the factors of the behaviouralfinance theories which are having great impact on property investment decision and influence the decision making process oflndian investors‘ The behaviouralfinance theories has been used to get more inside about the property investment behaviour oflndian property market, to explain the performance ofthe property market ofHyderabad — Secunderabad twin cities. The study concludes that Hyderabad-Secunderabad twin cities property markets are influenced by behaviouralfactors. The two types ofidentified human theoryfactors i.el heuristicfactors and prospect theoryfactors, the later one has more influence in property investment decision of twin cities property investors. In heuristic biases overconfidence and representative biases have more influence compare to the availability and gambler fallacy biases. In prospect theory biases mental accounting and regret aversion are the most dominating factors which influence property investmentdecision compare to the loss aversion. The other various dominating factors of property which influences property investment decision includes popularity ofthe property,fundamen tals characteristics ofthe property andpast trends ofthe property, compare to the price change and price cycles of the property, location of the property and the nearness to the central business district, the annual taxes and land rates etc. As itinvolves a huge sum of money investment therefore twin cities investors prefer to have a valuable and legal source of information than theirown analysis.