Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


Working women should be optimistic, able to adapt and cope up whilefacing any adversity or daily problems at workplace. Putting a plan into action is not so simple for working women, especially married working women as they shoulder dual responsibilities. Self Efficacy plays an important role in making her think about herself her abilities and make her aware whether she will be able to do a particular task assigned to her at her workplace. The study has used The Generalized SelfE}Yicacy Scale to measure and compare the self efficacy level of 50 Married Working Women and 50 unmarried Working Women in Indore City. The marriage duration was between 5-35years andminimum age was 25 years(for both ].Data Analysis shows the generalized self efficacy of women having both the status(married or unmarried) and how Sefiefficacy development is closely entwined with one's abilities, experiences, skills, competencies, and developmental tasks in diflferent domains at dififerent stages in life. The study provides useful insights to working women having low selfeflicacy regarding strategies enhancing the same at their workplace andproposals tofuture direction.