Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


Corporate Social Responsibility is speedily gaining momentum in all circles of discussion. The prime objective behind CSR initiatives undertaken by organizations is to contribute to the damage control caused by decades of intense urbanization and fierce industrialization. Universities and academic institutions play a major role in producing social entrepreneurs and managers. Some academic institutions introduce a due credit course on Corporate Social Responsibility, others may regularly organize/sponsor CSR activities. The impact of these steps on students and sponsoring academic institutions require interrogation. The purpose of this study is to explore the array of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and practices adopted recently by Indian B-Schools and the impactsuch initiatives have made on budding managers enrolled as students in these institutions. This is a descriptive research study. Convenience sampling shall be utilized to select the sample institutions_ for the study. CSR initiatives undertaken by each institution shall be tracked through the institutions’ website. It is intended to conduct face to face interviews with the management of the selected institutions. A preliminary study reveals positive relationship between CSR activities and growth of students’ enrolment and popularity of the concerned institution. This stuay has implications for ownership and management of the B-schools. Implementation of CSR helps to enhance the popularity and credibility of institutions. The underprivileged strata of society in particular benefit from the spillover effects that B-schools engage in. This kind of study that attempts to interrogate CSR initiatives ofB-schools in India and the implications achieved thereafter is very far and few.