Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management

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The Role of Information Uncertainty On Cement Industry Using Combined AHP-Dematel Analysis


Implementation of Sustoinable manufacturing into products and processes has become the necessity of major cement manufacturing industries as Cement Manufacturing process comprises of consumption ofraw material, energy, and major source of pollutants Thus in this paper the role of information uncertainty in the Key performance indicators ofthe Sustainable Cement Manufacturing process is evaluated based on the triple bottom line of sustainability. The "Analytic Hierarchy process " (AHP) and “Decision-making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory" (DEMATEL) are used to prioritize the performance indicators and to know about the relationships between these indicators. The DEMAT EL method is used to dependency of these indicators and AHP utilizes multi criteria decision making (MCDA/I) approach to support project decisions and rank the alternatives in a preferred order This priority and relationship will help the cement industry to achieve higher performance.

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