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IPSR Solutions Ltd


It was in I 999, a group of academicians and Industrialist came together at a small town in Kerala and decided to start an lTcompany. In 2000, at Kottayam, the Land of letters, lakes & latex, the dream project was realized as IPSR Solutions ltd and it was the first Public Limited IT Company in Central Travancore. IPSR is the acronym of Institute of Professional Studies and Research. It was a bold decision to start the company at Kottayam, when most of the entrepreneurs choose to set up their business at nearby Industrial hub of Kerala, i.e., Kochi. IPSR Solutions Ltd. was started with a vision to Redefine Excellence in Information Technology and become one of the best Kerala based IT Companies . The Mission was to create cost-eflective solutions and products of topnotch quality and to deliver industry interfaced courses and value-driven International Certification programmes through the Lear-ningServices Division. I 5 years down the line the company has grown to a multi crore firm with offices in 5 cities in Kerala and also in Bangalore, Karnataka. It owns a 100% subsidiary in the name of Valin Technologies in London, UK. It has already trained I 2, 000 plus students and has around 3000 business firms as clients. It has produced the largest Number of RedHat Certified Engineers (RHCEs) in the world. But the biggest challenge of the Company management is that the growth of the company is not reflected in its Balance Sheet, at least in the last 2-3 years .Even after I5 years of operation, Company has still not been able to generate a sizeable business from its major division — IT Training.