Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


This is a real life compilation of two persons in an organization over a three year period. This covers the travails of a person who gets promoted as an oflicer from staff cadre and in his desire to perform pokes too much into the role ofhis subordinates. With experience and after a short training he turns out to be a top class oflicer going on to receive the top appraisal remarks. It also talks about a subordinate who unable to meet his job demands and because ofhis own making ultimately walks out. The case study is basically about two personalities, one an officer who wants to outperform and another subordinate with no interest in his job and the dual that goes between them. The dual again has got twofocus the‘/irst the hard line where action is being taken and the second a humanitarian angle where the superior goes out of the way to restrain him fi"om opting a way out.