Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


Michael O ’Leary, who closely modelled after the Southwest low-cost strategy, restructured Ryanair to much success. It is a leader in the European industry and oflow-cost carriers. The strategy of Ryanair is truly a notable one despite lack ofqualily customer service. Its able to maintain low costs while also charging lowfare prices. In essence, keepingfares cheap and affordable is what drives consumers to keep dealing with Ryanair. Creating a niche in short-haul and national destinations, now Ryanair seeks market share in the long-haul sector You may ask, what implications do trans-Atlantic routes have on Ryanair s future profitability? And will this create a sustainable competitive advantage for Ryanair as competition increases and also embarks on the same route? With experience in the short-haul industry, Ryanair has to make sure it keeps up with market demands and remain prominent as an efficient services airline.