Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


This case study aims to look at the increasing trend of the miss shipment issue at Super Express. One of the Super Express is main customers, Light Technologies has escalated this matter and decided to terminate the business contractworth 27.0 percent of Super Express revenue if there is still no solid solution taken to address the miss shipment issue.Data was collected from Customer Support Department and Operations Department as these two departments have direct relationship with shipment delivery process. The improvement team performed the analysis on the non-conformance report to identijy the root cause of the miss shipment. There were a total of seven main root cause identified andmainlycategorised into wrong delivery address, short landed, missing paperwork attached at physical shipment, wrong delivery by courier; un-manifested shipments, pending customs release and others. These root cause were further analysed to obtain in-depth information for impmvementactions.