Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


In the times offitst depleting natural sources ofeneigy fuel, market imbalances and risks of global environment changes, there is an urgent need to increase energy access globally in a sustainable manner. This case has been contextually set under such conditions and traces the journey of/lbellon CleanEnergy as an integrated sustainable energy solutions provider to contribute to clean energy generation through renewable resources. This case invites the participants to deal with macro issues like energy crisis and role of biomass energy, and micro issues like diversification, building capabilities, role of leadership, making choices, continuous learning, market challenges, sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing, expanding geographically and developing a sustainable model. The case explores the quest of Abellon for creating space in the clean energy domain mainbi through harnessing the untapped potential of biomass energv using the triple bottom line approach (environmental protection, social development and economic prosperity). It presents perspectives on how Abellon is attempting to create value innovations through wealth out of waste. 1t also highlights the initial challenges and options made, biomass sourcing issues, unique initiatives like poornakumbha and eco chulha, domestic and international market strategies and collective learning's emerging over a time period of 3-4 years. The case ends with Aditya Handa, founder: MD and CEO of Abellon calling in a meeting of his top executives and reflecting upon the journey of Abellon till 2010 and discussing the strategic options, alternative strategies and challenges for the future. The case also touches upon the role of senior management in creating a sustainable business model in bio energy. The case can be used for discussions on competitive landscape, resource-based model, strategic leadership, environment analysis, firm responses, and vision and mission. Blue ocean strategv can he argued with the scope of Abellon contesting in uncontested market space or not.