Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management

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Low Income Consumer Behaviour: A Case Study


India is a country with huge population. There are various groups of people based on castes, sub-castes, religions, tribes etc., with different cultures. Hence, it has become very tough to the producers and marketers to produce and sell the goods and services according to the ever changing requirements of such groups. The 'An ethnographic study of low-income consumer behaviour' is a new term used in the present study where sociology, anthropology and marketing subjects are integrated. Because of so many influencing factors there, the Veblenian socio-cultural factors (like culture, subculture, social class, reference group, family and its supporting elements) were taken for the study. Multi-stage stratified disproportionate random sampling technique was employed in the sample selection. We found that most of the low-income consumers were being influenced by social class and family among the above said factors. It was found that 'lowprice', 'credit facility','distance', 'familiar shopkeeper','qunatity', 'quality' and other benefits were the factors which had been creating relationship between the low-income consumers and market place. It is suggested that the public distribution system is the right place to capture the new market.