Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


Present study deals with various behavioural competencies of healthcare employees and their relationship with patient satisfaction, which is an important indicator of how a healthcare organization is performing. The relationship between patient satisfaction and different competencies (interpersonal, individual, motivational and generic) of the employees serving patients has been established statistically enabling it to estimate and predict patient satisfaction based on their competency values. Moreover, the perception of colleagues working closely with the employees has been found to be useful to estimate the same helping the HR managers to get an idea about the areas of improvement for the employees.During the course of the study, an analysis has been done to compare the influencing competencies of the employees over various hospital departments. All of the above behavioural competencies have been found to be crucial for the patient satisfaction for nursing department, whereas for other departments under consideration, only interpersonal and generic competencies have been seen to be important. The level of patient satisfaction has been found to be dissimilar for different departments. Exploratory factor analysis, regression analysis with model validation, various non-parametric statistical tests, viz., Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, Shapiro-Wilk, chi-square tests, have been used for data analysis.