Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


The research examined the role of belief and knowledge/ awareness about the environment on willingness to adopt pro-environment behaviour by consumers. The research also investigated the control effect of Gender and Education level on the effect of knowledge/ awareness and belief on wiliness to adopt pro-environment behaviour. The research is based on Eco scale questionnaires used to measure the constructs (Knowledge, Belief, and Pro-environmental actions). The questionnaires were used to survey a sample of 615 respondents in the Delhi National Capital Region (Delhi- NCR). Structural Equation Modeling is used to demonstrate the fitness of the proposed model. The research reveals that beliefs have a negative effect on willingness to act while knowledge/ awareness has a positive effect on willingness to act. However, knowledge/awareness positively mediates the effect of belief on willingness to act. The research also reveals that the level of education and gender do not significantly control pro-environmental behaviour. The research is one of its kind to explore the psychological and behavioural implications of environmental protection.