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The Launch of Indian Premier League (IPL) by Board of Cricket Control In India


The Indian Premier League which was launched in 2008 by Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) has proved to be a runaway success. It has reinvented the game of cricket in this country and has helped the already popular game attain a level of mass frenzy not unlike the soccer leagues in Europe or the NBA in USA. However, the transition of cricket from the more traditional test and fifty over formats in India was not a very smooth one. The BCCI was initially opposed to the idea of a twenty-20 format and the concept did not catch up in India until its T20 World Cup triumph in 2007. The case here attempts to make a complete analysis of this strategic decision of BCCI to lunch IPL. The intention is to analyse the environment, the organization (BCCI) and its core competencies, its competitive strategies and rivalries, implementation and evaluation of this strategy and its implication for the firm. Attempt has also been made to apply the frameworks of strategic management to analyze this particular decision.