Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


This case describes Cellular Telecom Ltd. (CTL) operations in India in 2010. CTL was setup in the late 1990s and is now operating in all 22 telecom circles in India. Right from its inception, the company's operations has changed hands as part of several mergers and separations. Despite these changes and the high competition levels exhibited in the Indian Telecom industry, the company has distinguished itself from the rest by being innovative in its approach and has now emerged as a top telecom service provider in the nation. The focus of the case is on the Sigeoll telecom circle in western India. Sigeoll circle accounts for 5.9% of the total subscriber base for CTL. The operations in this circle started after a major acquisition of an existing telecom operator. Sigeoll has segmented its postpaid customers based on loyalty. The major classification being Gold and Silver loyalty group. Acomparison of the performance figures for the last two quarters (2009- 10) shows that there is a reduction of customer base a ross the loyalty groups by 14.04% and the billing amount by 11.95%. The company has conducted a customer satisfaction survey and findings of the same are presented in the case. Apart from this, general information pertaining to the telecom sector in India is also included. This facilitates the understanding of the competitive environment in which the telecom companies are operating at present. This case can be used for critically analyzing the Indian telecom industry scenario, to ascertain critical success factors and addressing the problems of customer churn in Indian telecom industry. The pedagogical objective of the case is to understand the following concepts/tools; i. SWOTanalysis ii. DMAIC Methodology in problem solving iii. Quality tools (like frequency charts, pareto analysis, control chart etc) in analyzing the customer survey results. This case is suggested for use in courses on Services Marketing and Quality Management