Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management


C V. Krishna


The branded detergent sector in India which is mainly predominant by the two companies Hindustan Unilever Limited and Procter and Gamble. The HULbrands Rin, Surf and P&G's Tide brands are popular and there was heavy competition between these brands in the Indian branded detergent industry. Recently HUL has shocked the entire market by releasing an advertising campaign against Tide Naturals by directly comparing the brand in its Tele Vision Commercial, which is considered very unethical as it represented a Guerilla Marketing campaign. The present Case focuses on the issues of why HULhas resorted to Combative Advertising only on P&G's Tide and not on any other brand or company, how the market was hit after the advertising campaign and the ethical and legal issues involved. The case gives insights into better understanding of negative aspects of Combative advertising and future courses of action to be taken.